What do you think of this bag

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  1. I bought this Via Repubblica bag at Bloomingdales on sale. The leather is very soft and the strap is removable. I figured I could use it on a daily basis since it can hold alot of things.
    000_0760.jpg 000_0757.jpg 000_0762.jpg
  2. I like it!
  3. I like it, too! It looks like it's nice and smooshy. It also looks like it holds a lot.
  4. I like it as well
  5. like it for sure!! love how squishy it looks
  6. I like it!
    Looks like a good bag to run around & do errands.
    Will hold all your stuff!
  7. I like it a lot. It looks very functional. Congrats!
  8. I like squishy bag but not in love with the color??
  9. I like it as well...nice warm neutral color, the leather looks great, and the styling details are just enough but not too much.
  10. Looks versatile and practical.
  11. I like it too. Looks very practical, so I'd say it was a good buy!
  12. When I first looked at it-it instantly reminded me of a B-bag. Very nice look to it! Did it come in other colors, and if it's not too personal, how pricy was it compared to Balenciaga? Thanks IA!:smile:
  13. looks great, not sure about the leather though, it lookes plasticky?
  14. It's nice, looks like it would be a great everyday bag, not too flashy. I got Via Republica at Nordies sale as well, it's green croc and the style is very different. I have it under "My Collection" thread in the showcase forum.
  15. Cute! It reminds me a little of the Gerard Darel Charlotte bag.