What do you think of this bag?

  1. [​IMG]
  2. I really like the ruffle and the buckle. Very cute. It looks like it would be comfortable too.
  3. Not really liking it... it looks like it would be such a pain to get in and out of.
  4. I love it...its a limited Edition called the Lenor ( I think thats the name...not to sure )
  5. I love the buckle! It's cute! (Kindave reminds me of a Coach bag though)
  6. I can live without it. it's just ok.

  7. Yup, that's the one. I kinda like it. The buckle doesn't bother me much, not much different from a Manhattan GM or all the other ones with buckles.

    Does anyone here have one?
  8. its really cute, would be if the price was right.
  9. Not one I would carry.
  10. It's not for me.

  11. 2nd that
  12. this bag is very rare, I think some PF members are actually looking for this bag, its a rare find. I dont *think* theres one on eBay. Go get it girl ! :nuts:

  13. I'm working on it!
  14. Not for me but I agree it is a very rare bag
  15. I love the Leonor... such a cute bag!