What Do You Think Of This Bag?

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  1. What do you think of this bag?
    I am looking for a year-round bag with lots of wear. What about this one?
    I like the looks of this one but am concerned about the leather. It reminds me of the Hayden Harnett in luggage which I returned because of trying too hard to keep it from getting dirty. A professional leather shoe repair person told me to send it back because it will pick up every piece of dirt. I want something durable and super soft for every day. Thanks! [​IMG]
  2. i like the second one the best.
  3. I like the first one better... its slouchy look is so cool and unique. Where did you find these bags? :nuts: :lol:
  4. I like the 2nd one more...
  5. I like the first one better, but love em'' both!
  6. 2nd one is better
  7. Is it by Moni Moni?
  8. Who's the designer and how much do they cost???? I really fell in love with the first one. !!!
  9. The second one is by Moni Moni. I would be hesitant about that one b/c there were some posts about people who were unhappy w/ the way they were made.
  10. I think they would both work, for that purpose.
  11. Eh..the second one looks uncannily like the Chloe Paddington Shopper tote in Whiskey, sans padlock and with minor differences in detail. That said, I prefer the second one to the first. Love the Paddy shopper.
  12. I'm def. feelin' #1. Looks slouchier and nicer leather.
  13. I like the shape of #2.
  14. I'm going for number 2. It also reminds me of the Paddy shopping tote.