What Do You Think Of This Bag?


Mar 6, 2006
What do you think of this bag?

I am looking for a year-round bag with lots of wear. What about this one?
I like the looks of this one but am concerned about the leather. It reminds me of the Hayden Harnett in luggage which I returned because of trying too hard to keep it from getting dirty. A professional leather shoe repair person told me to send it back because it will pick up every piece of dirt. I want something durable and super soft for every day. Thanks!
The second one is by Moni Moni. I would be hesitant about that one b/c there were some posts about people who were unhappy w/ the way they were made.
Eh..the second one looks uncannily like the Chloe Paddington Shopper tote in Whiskey, sans padlock and with minor differences in detail. That said, I prefer the second one to the first. Love the Paddy shopper.