What Do You Think of This Bag? Zac Posen

  1. [​IMG]

    Normally $1500 but is now on sale. I own 2 Zac bags and they are luxurious. Not sure what I think of this style. Inside is lined with matching suede.
  2. It's different, but in a good way. I saw that on sale too and couldn't decide. I've never seen a Zac Posen IRL before. If you're happy with the other two, I'd say go for it!
  3. I like it.
  4. i don't like it
  5. Looks like a saddle
  6. It's interesting, it's unique.. but I'm not sure I like the tassels
  7. Not digging it....too fussy, too much going on....over-designed!
  8. It's okay...wait til it goes on sale.
  9. I was thinking about that one - I really like it - it's so different!
  10. I love the tassels but I'm not fond of the shape.
  11. I love it! Where is it on sale?
  12. I love it, and it is such an amazing price!
  13. Not my style.

    And if you're not sure what you think of the style, I woudn't buy it. Even on sale, it would still be a lot of money you could put toward something you really love.
  14. I don't care for it, but I do love the color.
  15. I like it. I think it's unique in a good way.