What do you think of this bag? *pics*

  1. Hi, I def need advise on this bag. On sale at NM for $1192. rope tote & python.

    What do you prada girls think? I have a lot of Chanel, BV and a Fendi Sellaria. This Prada would be "new" for me.

  2. I'm not big fan of python, but your avatar gives me the impression that you are...go for it! I hope you love your first Prada :biggrin:
  3. I'm a sucker for exotics. I know some people are completely turned off by them. I find them interesting.
  4. Are those hatstands in the background ?? I like this bag -- it's a bit much for me but I think it's got a lot of character !!
  5. You know..I love it..You're right...It's exotic..and I like it b/c it is soooooooo different!!! Are you getting it?
  6. I love exotic bags and I think this Prada is TDF! Go for it!
  7. I'm thinking about it. My SA took pics of bags that are going to go on sale. She is holding it for me and I'm thinking it over.

    I think it would be GREAT with khakis or white. I have a fab pair of Louboutin ribbon shoes that would go great with it. And a brown woven Bottega Veneta wallet.

    I ~think~ I can pull it off. I am a bit loud and outrageous myself!! My girlfriends have affectionatelly nicknamed me Karen as in Karen from Will & Grace. Can't get more obnoxious than that!

    Here are the shoes:

  8. I LOVE it! :drool: I'm a big fan of python and Prada's metal animal line.
  9. I am not a fan of python but somehow it works in this. Go for it :tup:
  10. I love it! I've been eyeballing that one for a while now. :yes:
  11. Oooooh!!!!!!

    I Loves It!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  12. I've been waiting for Jill's opinion!!

    Where have you been girl?!!
  13. Maxter,

    Thanks for pointing me to this thread! Now that I can see it better, I love it even MORE. And I'm not even an exotics fan! This bag is so different and pretty! And you're right, it will look great with white and with khaki, but I also think it would be just the right touch to dress up denim, or with any simple monochromatic outfit to make it "pop". I definitely think it's a fantastic choice!
  14. Very nice. I can see it with khakis and white, your ribbon shoes work too. =)
  15. If you love it and can carry it off, then go for it. Enjoy!