What do you think of this bag! NEED OPINIONS!

  1. I want to know what your opinion is of this bag love it, hate it? Ok to wear in the winter?

    If you could chose between buying a Dior or Burberry which would you chose?
    Thanks ladies =o)

    This pic doesn't do it justice the detailing on the strap is beautiful.
    Dior Mini Jacquard Medium Hobo
  2. it's really cute, a good everyday kinda bag. would choose a dior over a burberry.
  3. Anyone?!?! Would love opinions!!!
  4. depends on the bag. any ideas what Burberry you would like to get?
  5. I think it's a cute casual bag. You'll probably have it for a long time, I like it. I like it in the black (or was it navy) better. I'd take Dior over Burberry though.
  6. Here is the black in this bag which color combo do you like it better in?

  7. anymore opinions would be greatly appreciated!
  8. Very cute and understated. Looks practical. I much prefer the lighter color combo, but know the black one would be easier to keep clean. I love my one Dior bag (a black street chic bag) because it really reflects my personality. While I own more Chanels, the CD would be the last bag I'd ever part with. I have been very pleased with its quality. Burberry has never really done much for me but if you have one particular bag in mind, post a pic. I very much like the CD you're considering though.
  9. Definitely the black for me. And Dior is my choice. I'm not really loving the light color in the bag, sorry
  10. It's a nice bag, but I don't care for jaquard, because I am worried about it getting dirty. Whether or not the Burberry would be better depends on which Burberry you'd be looking for. However, in general, I prefer Dior over Burberry.
  11. Sorry, the dior is not my favorite. The do have some cute bags but I think that design is a little boring. In answer to your question, I would choose dior over burberry.
  12. I also think it looks like a great everyday bag...looks really cute!

    I say go for it if you really love it!
  13. Does jaquard not hold up well in bad wheather? I thought the material was similar to Coach's signature pieces?
  14. I think you're fine in bad weather, it's just the dirt factor on the light color. If you're good with your bags (ie don't set them on dirty floors), you should be fine with the light one. You might be able to spray a protector like scotchguard on it to be sure (I haven't done this, but imagine it would work).
  15. i actually do not love the dior.