What do you think of this bag for work?

  1. I found it for only $150 on one website, called Latico and asked about the strap drop and was told it's 8". Do you think that's enough to fit over your shoulder? I would be carrying a laptop and a few other misc. things...

    Size: 16H x 5D x 17.5L
  2. cute!
  3. It's a very classy looking business tote and you can fit a lot of stuff in there. So it looks good to me.
  4. I think its great, i'm sure it will work well :smile:
  5. very cute and great price :tup:
  6. I think its really cute, but the drop is a tad short IMO. I would still get it though-- it's worth a try...
  7. cute
  8. I like it - stylish but looks functional too.
  9. I like it, especially for the price!
  10. Latico is generally good quality leather at a decent price. That looks like a nearly perfect work bag. Personally, I like the drop...long enough to put over your shoulder, and short enough to hand carry, but I'm short.

    Where did you find it?
  11. I like this bag. What are the measurements of it or the link if there are anymore left?
  12. Measurements: 16H x 5D x 17.5L

    I actually scoured teh internet for a good price and most places had it for $189, but 88andahalf.com had it for $150 and free shipping and free returns (so I ordered it in lavender and black to see which I like better!) They also have blue, brown, orange, and maybe another color!

    It's the Latico Faye Front Double Zip Tote (I think)
  13. ohhh yeah it is really cute.

    I say go for it. The price is good too, then you won't feel badly when you give it a little more wear and tear.

    let us know what you decide!
  14. I think it's great. Stylish yet practical.