What do you think of this bag, do you like it ... ?

  1. Is it small, do you like it ... what else, tell me !!! :p


    Tikal PM (11).jpg
  2. I think it's adorable. I really like the hardware on the strap and the turnlock closure.
  3. I like the turnlock :smile:
  4. An other pic:


    Tikal PM (3).jpg
  5. Its Cute! :p
  6. I hate this Lock on Coach bags but it looks so great against monogram. Then again, what doesn't! It really is a cute bag

    How small is it exactly?
  7. It's 8.6" x 5.1" X 3.1".
  8. it's real femenim and think you are lusting on it you should get it...
  9. I think it's cute!
  10. i like it.
  11. It's adorable! It would be a little too small for me for everyday but I really do like it!
  12. I think it's perfect :smile:
  13. Cute bag. I like it.
  14. I love it. It is quite small though. Kind of pricey for the size.:crybaby:
  15. looks like it would be a nice change from the pochette.