What do you think of this bag??? Be honest!

    1. [​IMG]Fom Gucci.com Im thinking about getting this. Either this or hold out for the LV mirior. This is leather where as the LV looks more PVC to me! (which I believe it is) anyway...just wanted opinions! Talk to me!
  1. Ok, I'll bite and try a stab at this.

    I have this style of Gucci bag but in the regular brown canvas with brown leather trim. It's a really classy bag and it's super useful. I carry it pretty much almost every day to work. Because the one you're looking at is silver, it'll definitely stand out just because the bag is a pretty decent size. Usually you see the metallic leathers on smaller purses. So it will be an attention grabber. I LOVE how the GG hardware at the front blends in SO well with the silver leather!

    Saying that... this Gucci is definitely a LOT less flashy than the LV Miroir line. Just going by the pictures online as well as in the various November/December magazines, the Miroir line is super shiny/reflective so it's much more "in your face" than the Gucci. I'm not sure which style you're thinking of for the Miroir?

    If it's a purchase that can wait, I'd go and take a look at the Miroir, carry it and see if you like it. I think this Gucci bag will be around longer than the Miroir because there's all these rumours that the Miroir is super limited so there will potentially be a frenzy when it comes out when everyone wants to get one because there's so few. Also, this style also come out in the Britt collection so it's likely that quite a few have already got this style of bag in brown or black leather already and may not shell out for the metallic leather version.

    I also think your decision will depend on what your planned use is. I see this Gucci as more wearable every day if you chose to, whereas anything Miroir is really flashy so it'd be a real statement piece that you probably wouldn't use every day.

    Besides the fact that the Gucci is leather and the Miroir is PVC, if you care about re-sale value, then I'm pretty sure the LV Miroir piece will keep its value better despite the fact that it's PVC.

    If it were me choosing, I think I would probably end up with the Gucci just because it's more practical. I love the Miroir Speedy, but where I am currently in my life - if I'm spending a wackload of money on a bag (4 digits) then I really need to be using it a TON. So I think that would be my ultimate deciding factor... if I were able to buy bags for pure collection purposes then I would pick the miroir!
  2. Thank you for taking the time to answer so much! Love that! I am on the list for the Speedy..and Im going to get it regardless...(because I just found out Im on the top 3 of the list so I can not NOT get it) you know!! Im not sure I need the Gucci but I love it! I have the SPY in metalic and I am not loving it so much anymore. Its so damn awkward to carry. Might be time to say good bye to that one! I do not need 3 silver bags. They do go with everything though!
    Thank you again for your thoughts.
  3. I love this bag, but AHHHH...why don't you like your Spy anymore?? I just ordered the silver/gold Spy. Now you have me worried... :hrmm:
  4. LOVE the style of the bag and the hardware...not too sure about the colour to be honest...is it for everyday?
  5. Im just not too fond of this one.
  6. That is what I have..(silver gold) do not get me wrong...its beautiful. I just HATE the flap, I can not get in and out of it easy. However, I could stare at it all day! I just have so many other bags I love so much more. I know there are LOTS of ladies that LOVE them. Im sure you will!
  7. I definitely like it more than the miroir line. It's more subtle and classy - and that's my HONEST opinion!! I don't like how shiny the miroir is. This, however, is tres chic.
  8. No problem Sunshine! I actually surprised myself after I hit post and realized it was so darn long! Once I start talking about bags I get carried away sometimes. :shame:

    Wow! Top 3! I totally agree - you can't NOT get it now!! Please post pics of it when you get it! I hope I get a chance to see the Miroir Speedy IRL before it flies off the shelves! I can't get a good sense of what it'll look like from the pictures and mags I've seen so far.

    I'm a huge fan of metallic leathers (which I think you might be one too?). So I'm quite excited for you about possibly getting both the Gucci and the Miroir! From posts of others though - it seems people can't see the Gucci being used very often.. I guess you won't know until you try it on yourself!
  9. It's gorgeous.
  10. Ok, thanks for the input!
  11. Sunshine, I'd get the Gucci over the LV. That Gucci is gorgeous. I'm not sure if the LV Miroir line is going to look that lush. That Gucci will be timeless. I think the LV Miroir line will be more trendy.
  12. Thanks Kat. You are right..the leather in the Gucci is LUSH..
  13. Sunshine- I have that bag in black. I just got it a week or so ago and love it! The style is fantastic-can be hand held, messenger carried and the short straps can even be carried on your shoulder. I love it and have been using it constantly since I bought it. I just love the britt collection! I saw the silver in the boutique and it is gorgeous!!! I think it would look fantastic on you:yes:

    I know what you mean about the spy. I have a love-hate relationship with it. I bought a cognac one last spring and ended up selling it. I missed it so much I bought the choco one not to long ago. Well- I just shipped it back to bergdorf. I agree-I could look at it all day and be awestruck but it wasn't practical for me to carry. I gotta at least have a cell phone pocket!!! Still- I miss it already......
  14. FAN tastic!!!!!