What do you think of this bag and the brand?

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  1. I am not familiar with the brand, but I like the shape and purple color. I am not too big on the white stitching though.
  2. i have heard that latico leather is nice! i was wanting another bag of theirs that was featured in an endless mailing.
  3. I love both colors but the silhouette seems rather like -- a gym bag maybe?
  4. Thanks for your opinions, Maybe it looks big( gym bag-esque) because the mannequin is a size 0? haha
    I don't mind the white stitching.
  5. I like the shape and color, but I'm not a fan of contrast stitching either. But if you like it go for it....eBags has free return shipping I think so it's worth a try right?
  6. I like the blue a lot!! Looks really nice
  7. reminds me of the HH currant color!
  8. I like the color, but not the shape. Plus I think my cats would play with the long zipper pulls! :P
  9. Latico is a good dependable brand - very much under the radar. I have a 'multi-zipper/pocket' bag from them that I use as a computer work bag and have carried it for years as such - and it's held up better than I'd ever dreamed or expected.

    I often wonder if Latico and Hobo International are not somehow related - their leather work and styles are often so so similar, but I've never been able to prove any connection.
  10. It's cute. The color is great. I have never heard of the brand though.
  11. I don't know the brand either but i think the shape and style of the bag is nice and the both the colors are beautiful