what do you think of this b/w isabella fiore bag?

  1. okay, so i've had my eye on this bag for months...but i can't decide if i should take the plunge or not. it seems quite different from the other fiore bags i've seen - much more understated. the black and white combination is what really catches my eye.



    update: er, okay, so they're sold out of the black/white version. regardless, that's the one i like and the one in the pics.
  2. sorry, it's not grabbing me, but if you love it, then go for it!!!
  3. Have you tried them out in person? I am worried about the bag being too heavy... as with all IF bags..

    The first impression I get is that IF bags are so freaking heavy! I love their cute styling - but if I had to pay hundreds of dollars on a bag, I don't want to have back pain after I carry it.... Well of course everyone has a different threshold - but I really want to get lightweight bags from now on!
  4. I think it's cute in the pic, but I would try to see it in person. As the others said, it could be heavy, and it's hard to tell how the b&w pattern is made.
  5. I agree that you ought to check it out in person. I love IF and have a couple of items, but it's definitely a matter of looking at it face to leather. Besides being heavy, it could be a LOT bigger in person. I was contemplating the velveteen satchel until I was in Saks one day, picked it up, and realized that it was monstrously wide.