What do you think of this as an everyday bag?

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  1. Obviously. I need an everyday bag. What do you guys think of this one? I just wanted a cheaper Chanel Handbag that I can use everyday... :biggrin:

  2. Can you model it for us? I'd like to see how it looks in proportion to a body. :biggrin:

    I love the beige.
  3. What about a Cerf Tote?xx
  4. The one you have posted is lovely though!x
  5. Is this vintage? I have seen a bag like this on eBay. I like it but it looks a little tall, I'm also wondering what it looks like on...
  6. rica, what about a gst or pst? the beige one is almost the same color as this bag
  7. I'm just having my options open on a secondhand Chanel bag.. LOL.. Perfect to be tossed around whenever I am in an emergency status. I saw this one in Y! Auctions HK and yes, I do believe this is also listed in eBay. (I can't model, it's not YET mine. LOL) Sorry.
  8. Yeah, that's what I'm thinking too.. It's quite tall... right?
  9. Rica, its a bit too tall for my liking. Other than that i think its quite nice!
  10. I love beige caviar with gold h/w, but not feeling the style of this bag...
  11. Yeah.. I guess it's too tall.. Thanks again! This bag is not for me. LOL!
  12. I am concerned about the plate behind the turnlock closure on this bag Rica.:tdown:
  13. Dun feel anything...sorry
  14. Really Mon..?! :wtf: Why?!
  15. I agree with everyone here - it seems tall.