What do you think of this as alternative to Borough?


Jan 20, 2012
What do you think of this men's tote as an alternative to the Alpine Moss Borough Bag?


I've seen the Borough bag IRL several times and it's just not speaking to me. This leather is more my style, and I'm definitely a tote girl. The men's bleecker business tote (in ocean) is my favorite big bag.

I have an opening for a big black bag, but I always have problems finding a black bag that is not too masculine and has enough bling or interest for me. I have a faux saffiano black bag from Target - not really nice enough for the office except for utilitarian use. I bought it to be a "car bag" that I could abuse. It was $15.

So I'm looking for a bag to fill the big black bag niche for the office. My other big bags are cognac Tanner Tote and Ocean Bleecker Business Tote. And the black Target tote which is OK, but is not really supposed to be a bag for work.

Here are the details - my concern is that it may be a bit tall:

STYLE: F70725
BRASS/DARK OLIVE/MAHOGANY (looks like there is black trim as well)
Inside zip pocket
Zip-top closure
Outside open pockets
Handles with 7" drop
15 1/2" (L) x 15 3/4" (H) x 5 1/2" (W)

Do you think the colors would go with most cool-toned outfits? I compared the pic to some of my clothes and it looks like a really good color combo for anything not bright, and I have other bags for those. Does it strike you as masculine (it's a men's bag) or urban cool? I should be able to wear it over the shoulder.

Do you think this was an FP bag, or a factory facsimile?

Oh, here is the blog post that makes me want a green tote (but I won't be getting a Celine):


Please comment! TIA!
Oct 27, 2013
I think it is a nice tote and will work with a lot of outfits. Not sure if you have seen the Bleecker Riley Carryall: 27927. It is smaller than this tote but definitely has a lot of personality and will work as a business bag. You can't go wrong with your choice though!


Feb 21, 2012
I just got for Christmas the Madison Christie carryall in Parchment. Also, comes in black, and love red. It is almost identical to the borough, but with longer straps. Has the same type of compartments, but you can carry it satchel, shoulder, crossbody. It comes in the saffiano leather. Check it out you may like it if your interested in the borough. Plus, its not excluded from the PCE.


Art Is Everywhere
Jan 10, 2009
Have you seen the borough tote on the UK site? It's a beautiful black bag... Drool! Anyway, men's bags are great. I carried my dad's old bag for a while. A great tote is a great tote weather marketed to mem or women. My first wallet belonged to a friend's dad, I used it for years. My guy friends would always thought it was strange that a girl carried a man's wallet and would tease me about who would end up with a Castanza wallet first.


Jan 20, 2012
Thanks everyone! I might let this one pass. I saw pics of the style number on e bay and it wasn't love. I do like the colors though. Just seemed like the edges were a little too straight or something.

I'll keep my eyes open for multicolor options as well as black now.

Thanks for your suggestions for other bags!