What Do You Think of this Alexander McQueen?

  1. Of course it's not an everyday bag but I think it's quite striking!

  2. Wow!! That is a great bag. Reminds me of Prada. Love it!!
  3. ^^I agree reminds of Prada. I love the colors and I tend to like anything shiny.
  4. I love this bag! I have it in all black!
  5. Wow, I like it!:tup:
  6. I loooooove it, as you can see from my signature! If only they ever went on sale...
  7. wow! that bag is pretty
  8. Wow... i really like it!
  9. :love: It's gorgeous!
  10. :drool::tup:
  11. LOVE this bag. I have seen these bags at Nordstrom and if they ever went on sale, I would definitely think about getting one of these.
  12. It is totally stunning!!! I want one!
  13. Lucky girl! :girlsigh: