What do you think of this Aldyn bag?

  1. ecx.images-Amazon.com/images/I/71PmiIaD6QL._SL1500_.jpgMetallic Black
  2. Really? Nobodies going to reply. I want to buy this, but it would be my first Botkier. Help please.
  3. I'm not really a fan of the shape, so hard to tell you yay or nay....what do you want to know?
  4. I just got the smaller Aldyn (no top handles) in the Purple Blue. I like it a lot so far, especially the color. For the sale price I think it's a good deal.
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  6. I really like Botkier, and think she is the queen of satchels. She really knows the right size and look for these "downtown, yet classic silhouettes". My thoughts on this particular bag is that it doesn't look as current as what is going on in fashion today. The leather looks too casual, not polished enough, even the zips on the face of the bag look a little "yesterday", though practical I'm sure. I would encourage you to look at some of her valentina bags...they look a little more comfortable with fashion styles in the marketplace right now. But, if you do decide the Aldyn, you will love the shape, feel and simplicity.