What do you think of these ?

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  1. I was browsing Marshalls waiting for my daughter to get out of choir rehersal and look what I found for 79.99.. This picture is taken from Nordstroms where they are selling for $224.95 I could not believe.
    Arent they just so cute...

    I can wear them with my brown suede Michael Kors bag...
    Circa Joan & David 'Millie' Boot - - Nordstrom.com
  2. also they had cavalli pumps for 199.99
    dolce and gabana sandals for 99.99
    gianne ferre pumps for 129.99
    I could not believe it...
    CAVALLI and at that price WHOA
  3. I tried on these exact boots at Nordstron 6 weeks ago. They are so adorable. I didn't buy them because I didn't think I could fit my skinnies inside them. Made me sad.
  4. I wore them this weekend and i stuffed my reg leg jeans in them and i had extra extra room.
    plus they are super comfartable and I did not think they would be..
    but I wore them all night and walked and shopped in them..
    go back and get them...
    they are so cute on..:wlae::wlae::wlae::wlae:
  5. there so cute .
  6. great deal!
  7. Cute! And what a steal!