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  1. Ok this isn't a LV question but I thought you girls would give me the best feedback. (Mods, if this doesn't belong here please delete).

    I'm looking for a boot with a stacked heel and this one looks somewhat like that without too chunky of a heel. Since it has a thicker heel rather than stiletto heel it should be more comfortable? I'm just a little iffy on the height since I usually wear flats and change into heels in the office. I think this is a 3 inch heel. What do you think? Do you think I'll be able to walk in them? I'd love to wear them with jeans and skirts. And do you think this will go ut of style soon?

    Attached Thumbnails[​IMG]
  2. They look very walkable to me. And you won't even feel 3 inch heels.. it just takes a little getting used to!
  3. This style of boot has been around forever so I don't believe it will ever go out of style. In fact I was looking for some this winter but never saw exactly what I wanted. The heel looks fine unless you plan to walk a lot in them.
  4. I think they'll be a bit uncomfortable if you're not used to them at first. Once they're broken in, it won't feel like too much at all. I think knee high boots are classic and will never go out of style. They come back every year so I think they're fine.
  5. I think the boot photo you posted is pretty classic style. It's not too "out there" where it will go out of style next year. Every fall/winter you see tonnes of high boots! I love them (I have about 5 prs I think!) :heart::heart::heart:
  6. It's a classic that won't date. It'll work with skirts or jeans. Walkable heel. How can you lose?
  7. I like them and they are a good classic shape. However, I don't like the pull-on style. I like the upper part of the boot to be a bit stiffer and have a zipper, otherwise they can look suctioned to your legs (and sometimes a bit trampy). It depends on how these fit and look on you.