What do you think of these..??

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  1. Im starting a new office based job and wanted a new pair of CL's to congratulate myself with that i can also wear to work.
    What do you guys think of the CL Minibout ??

    Red Wine Rolandos in 41 & Ill save for a year :girlsigh:
    CL Minibout Zep 942.jpg
  2. I think that they're a classic shoe and a good investment pair. But I have to admit that they don't make my heart beat faster the way some other CLs do :shrugs:
  3. I think those are absolutely gorgeous! although I have yet to see them in real life.

    definitely get them.
  4. I do not have an office based job, so I'm rather clueless in that sense, but the minibouts are pretty. I think they can be worn both day and night, so if they are a congratulatory gift to yourself, you should get something that is both practical and fun.
  5. Chins!!
    Seems ive come to adore your fashion sense after seeing your gorgeous pony hair CL's, would you recommend a different pair of CL's??
    Baring in mind I have wide feet so although i love the rolandos i feel i would have a problem with them :crybaby:
  6. Beautiful but unless you work in fashion or something trendy I'm not sure they are entirely right for regular office wear
  7. Thanks you so much :flowers:

    I can get away with just about any shoes for work (people I work with actually come round to my desk when I'm in the office to see what I'm wearing :roflmfao:) but my 2 stand by pairs are both black kid - Simples and my very favourite, most worn everyday pair - Helmuts. I'd check out the new Simple below if you like the platform


    or maybe a black patent Decollete?


    They're both classics that won't date and pretty comfortable too :yes:
  8. They are pretty and I think they will work for the office too.
  9. I have wid(er) feet too and I'm able to wear the Rolandos (okay, try them on :crybaby:). The Rolandos actually fit me better than the Minibouts. I was ready to buy the latter but when I tried them on, I got frustrated, b/c my size were too tight on the toe box and the 1/2 size up were too loose on the heels, and ended leaving the store without them.
  10. Oh really..
    Well Im off to London some when soon so shall pop into harvey nichols or the CL boutique to try them both on.
    I love them both equally anyway, so be happy with either !!
    Need to Save :crybaby:

  11. I agree with Chins. I think the Simple is perfect but if you want something a little more jazzy - the Decollete!!!:tup: Just make sure you break the Decollete in before wearing then out!
  12. I like them. I think they'll be perfect for an office job.
  13. Yeah, also I found the Decollete to take some getting used to - it's cut quite low round the heel and it took me a few wears before it really felt secure :yes:
  14. See I Went onto the link Chins gave me for the decollete and automatically looked at the minibout again!! I love rounded toe heels rather than point and there is something that attracts me to them :love:
    Im still undecided however whether to get black or teal brown colour?
    Need to save :crybaby:
  15. I like them. I could wear them in my office, they are perfect!