What do you think of these?

  1. What kind of "reptile", snake is this ? And what was /is their retail?
    I kind of like them anybody here has them???

  2. OMG this is my HG shoe!NP in python!!!:drool:
  3. It's a black & white Ayers snakeskin....this is truly one of my favorite CL styles EVER. The contrast of the black & white is just stunning on this style. There are photos of Nicole Richie wearing that shoe in the celeb CL's thread. IIRC retail was around $800. This style runs small.
  4. :drool: !!! Holy crap, what a gorgeous shoe. I must have them.

    The hunt begins :ninja:
  5. Cat, I just bought these shoes! Just gorgeous in person! Asha hooked me up! ! I saw them on Nicole Ritchie in the celeb thread and HAD to have them! Christina and Edrine, good luck on your search!!!!!

    Foxy, this has become one of my top 5 fav styles of CL ever and I just got them! I will post a pic when I get home!
  6. ^ Chances, that's awesome! I can't wait to see pictures. Where did you end up finding them?
  7. holy **** that is one breath-taking shoe and I HATE exotics (i know, i'm weird). i stay away from all pythons, ostriches, crocos..but wow this shoe is beautiful.
  8. I REALLY like that shoe. I usually dislike any reptile-ish shoe or bag, but these really are an exception.
  9. Why are you TEASING me with this shoe??? I :heart::heart::heart: it!!
  10. Retail on this shoe was $820 and there was a 39 and 39.5 listed on eBay for $795 BIN from a reputable seller, but they both sold in the last few days.

    I would keep checking eBay. Also, perhaps chances or somebody else could provide the SKU from the box (if trenduet got them from Saks) and you can do Saks locator on them.
  11. And efusik and foxy have this shoe. You can search the Post pictures of your Louboutins thread and efusik's are in there somewhere. And, chances will be posting hers soon probably. :smile:
  12. I love this shoe! It's absolutely worth it. It even went on sale at Saks which I was quite surprised by since it is so stunning.
  13. MORE python for you? :graucho:
  14. You "kind of" like them? They are stunning!:smile:
  15. Gorgeous. If I had not gotten my roccia VP's I would be drooling over these. I can be happy for you and promise not to drool over your find! Looking forward to seeing your pics.