what do you think of these??

  1. These were my last impulse eBay purchase. What do you think? Is this too much or are they cute?

    Do you think they will get [SIZE=-1]ridiculously dirty? Should I even attempt wearing these :s

  2. They are really cute! I would be concerned that they would get dirty really quickly, but very cute none the less! Enjoy!
  3. I love them!!! they are just too cute. Congrats
  4. Wear them anyway! they're adorable and I know a lot of people were wanting these!
  5. So cute!
    I am in :heart: Tattersall!
  6. They're absolutely adorable! I'm sure that they will get dirty more quickly than a darker pair but they are just so darned cute! Wear them anyways!
  7. all shoes get dirty! Just gotta do your best to keep them clean - life is boring to just have shoes to look at. There will be other awesome shoes that you'll have to have and you'll get a good deal on. Wear them, they'll be gorgeous!
  8. Tara! Those are SO cute. They might get dirty but they'll be cute while getting dirty!:lol:
  9. i love these shoes. they are so cute and not to much at all. i have been wanting them so bad. i was concerned also about them getting dirty though. anyone know if you could spray scotchguard on them or something similar?
  10. Those really are adorable shoes, I would def. still wear them...but ask around (maybe even an SA?) to see what the best methods of cleaning would be.
  11. They are cute!! I would wear them. :tup:
  12. I love them and would definitely wear them! You can always use the signature cleaner if they get dirty...I believe you can use it on all fabric?
  13. They are so cute!!! I think as long as yo save them for good weather days they will be great. I would look at the label and see what the upper is made of. I agree you might be able to scotch guard them.
  14. I'm not a fan of that Coach pattern. I like the legacy stripe fabric better.
  15. I think they are adorable!! Congrats! I'd keep em!