What do you think of these?

  1. Obviously I own too many bags already. Just remembered these two:

    The brown is Givenchy, I don't now what I was thinking when I bought it :confused1: Could this be used as a work bag in an office with formal dresscode? It fits easily folders and a laptop.

    The black is Furla, it's a nice and very roomy bag but handheld, which has caused it to stay in the closet for awhile now. I was thinking it would make a great gymbag, any opinions?
  2. I think the givenchy would be great as an office bag:yes:
  3. I like them both. The givenchy truly would be great office bag and The Furla is waaay too fab to be a gymbag!!
  4. The Givenchy looks gorgeous and I agree that the Furla should not be used as a gymbag, it would be a waste of a lovely bag!
  5. pretty bags, but i honestly love the brown givenchy more :yes:
  6. i agree! the leather looks divine
  7. ohh I agree! The Givenchy is gorgeous and would make a fabulous work bag. I personally would not use the Furla as a gym bag because I prefer something a bit more casual, usually not leather, etc.. such as a lesportsac or something.