What do you think of these?

  1. i like them, but i think they are pricey for jcrew. do u know how the quality is?
  2. Aww, they are soo cute! I have a pair of J.Crews and the quality is great.
  3. ^^I just know that I have jcrew items from when I was in high school and college (t's, shirts mainly) and that was a little while ago......lol. Those items still look great. So I can vouch a little for their quality. I think I've only had one pair of shoes from them before and if I remember they were a great pair of shoes.

    You are right though, I was looking at the price and thinking the same thing. Good thing I'm not an impulse buyer...lol. I know they always have sales so I'm sure this will be on sale soon. I'll keep checking back and if I STILL like them..I may bite.
  4. I love those. J crew shoes are a little expensive but I think it's worth what you pay for. Their quality is great and they last long. Definitely worth the money.
  5. Cute shoes!