What do you think of these wedges?

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  1. Are the colors too funky? I think theyre cute, I'm not really worried about matching.

  2. Not too funky at all, I like them a lot! They will go with everything.
  3. They look like they may be J Crew, and I looove them!
  4. I was thinking the same. Very cute!
  5. I like them , really cute
  6. cute!! buy them!
  7. You girls are good! They are JCrew and I was going to get these but this color combination is sold out :sad:
  8. These are still in stock though, what do you guys think? Cute whale pattern right?

  9. still cute. won't go out of style anytime soon. go for it!
  10. Those are super cute. I'm thinking...denim skirt and white blouse with those :shame:
  11. totally cute!!
  12. Extremely cute and lovely and summery with denim! :biggrin:
  13. aww those are precious hehe. so cute for a fun shopping day or beach trip.
  14. What a great casual wedge! Very cute! I say get them!
  15. yes, get them!!!they're so cute!!the fabric reminds me of the silk used for ties....too cute!!:heart:
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