What do you think of these VC boots please?

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  1. http://www.zappos.com/product/7563856/color/253108

    Sorry, I'm not good at posting just the pic. I'm thinking black.. I don't have the longest legs, and boots that are this height seem to be more flattering - don't cut me off. (in my head at least. HA)

    Do you think they're too trendy? I def want a boot with a heel that's mid calf (I have abnormally skinny calves). I have a couple clogs by VC, but no boots.

    Would love your honest opinions as always!! :smile: If you have other suggestions, I'm open too. THANKS!!
  2. I think they are ok. I really like VC styles and while these are fine I think there are cuter options out there.
  3. Thanks Lawchick. I think I'm overwhelmed with all the boots! I've got the 'bootie' covered and having a hard time with a mid calf boot that can be casusally cute. if that made any sense..
    Ugh... I'm on a mission tho.
  4. Any other opinions or votes? YAY OR NAY?
  5. i don't really like these, sorry :/
  6. I'm gonna have to go with nay on this one.. Sorry but for 140$ I'm sure you could find something a little more stylish. Now if I saw them in person I may change my mind, or they might suit you really well!

    In my own personal opinion its not something I would buy.
  7. I am not sure I like the way it drapes to over the heel...looks like a tube sock was put over the real shoe. Nay for me.
  8. I do think the price is too high for this pair of shoes.
  9. i don't like them that much
  10. nay, sorry. they're kinda plain but particularly I'm not fond of the heel (chunky/dumpy).
  11. I feel like the heel is too chunky for the style of the rest of the shoe...so I say nay.
  12. Sorry, not a fan of leg warmer boots.