What do you think of these trainers?

  1. I feel really angry with myself. I bought these at TKMaxx a few months ago and haven't worn them because of what people might think... I loved them when I saw them... but what do you guys think of these? They're Adidas Missy Elliot designed... I'm in no way a blingy person.. I just have a thing for trainers.

    Honest answers please! I need to stop worrying about what people think though.. lol. :nuts:
    shoe1.jpg shoe2.jpg
  2. :yucky: Personally I think they are not the best... (I'm being PC here) But honestly, who cares what I think- If you love them, where them with pride!:p
  3. Not my style, but if YOU love them, go ahead and wear them. Who cares what others think.
  4. I personally think they are hot. I dont wear sneakers (more of a dress and heels kind of girl) but i would definitely rock those sneakers!!
  5. wow thanks lol to be honest I wish I was more a girly girl with shoes but I just can't do even the smallest heel :push:
  6. Nay-I really do not like trainers like that at all! But like others said, wear what you want.
  7. Anyone else ?
  8. nay, sorry. But, you wanted honest. LOL :smile:
  9. it's okay :p
  10. Not my thing, but if you love it and you wear it with pride, you'll look great in them :smile:. Who cares what other people might think?
  11. I don't wanna sound mean, but those are fugly.

    Not my style, sorry!:tdown:

    But if you like them, keep 'em!