What do you think of these Steve Maddens?

  1. I know a lot of you ladies hate Steve Maddens, but putting your feelings for the company aside, how do you feel about these shoes? I tried them on in camel/black at TJ Maxx as a joke and they were SUPER comfy. They have a 4.5" heel, which is WAY high for me, but the hidden platform makes them suprisingly easy to walk in. IDK why, they're just so not "me" but I'm in love with these shoes. But are they ridiculous? If you saw a non-Olsen twin looking girl wearing these IRL would you laugh?? :shrugs:

    I would buy them in all black like the pic btw. They're black leather with black patent leather trim...
  2. cute! i like the buttons on the side!

    (would look good w/ long, skinny pants, i think :smile: )

    and the heel is to die for.
  3. ^ Yay thanks! So that's one person who wouldn't laugh at me lol :p
  4. I like these!
  5. I think they are cute. They are the affordable copy of the Louboutin Emily boot. I prefer them in the all black version you showed. And, if they are comfy for 4.5" then you should definitely get them!
  6. These do look like Louboutins or those Balenciaga booties. I don't like them..they're too edgy for me. :amuse:
  7. ^ Would you like them better if they had meatball buttons? :upsidedown:

    And where's Vaclav and EG?! I need some more opinions :lol:

    One thing that concerns me is that I will be super tall in these. My limit is usually a 3" heel, but in these I'd be like 6ft tall. With my build I'd look more like an Amazon woman than a model :s I'm worried about whether or not I can pull them off. I think would probably end up wearing them more with jeans than tights and dresses. IDK :hrmm:...

    They're $150 btw, so they're not that cheap for Steve Maddens...
  8. i love them
  9. Thanks Rhonda! :flowers:
  10. I wouldnt' laught, I think they are hot regarless the brand. I think they'll look super hot with the right outfit.
  11. Totally sexy and edgy. I love them, but I agree they might be cuter in all black, as shown. I've seen these in stores, but I just assummed they would be uncomfortable (as so many Steve Madden's are). Now I might have to give them a try myself. I think I will try TJ Maxx tomorrow.
  12. they're cute!~ and i think steve madden shoes aren't that bad at all~

    i actually have a pair of hidden platform booties as well and they are really comfortable to walk in~
  13. I love them! They would look hot with a pair of skinny jeans in a dark wash... Work it, girl! ;) Work 'em like they were Louboutin's!! hahah...
  14. LOL you guys are actually starting to convince me that I could pull these off! :p

    Yeah I would definitely get them in all black! Where have you seen these if you don't mind my asking? They were $60 at TJ's, but they only had the one pair and they were camel. I'd love to find them for <$100 if possible!

    Steve Maddens tend to be super comfy for me compared to other heels, so IDK if you'll find them comfy or not. The thing that just shocked me is that I find anything over 3" soooo hard to walk in, but at 4.5" these were some of the easiest ones I've tried:shrugs: They felt really solid and my foot felt very supported I guess, if that makes sense.
  15. I dont like them, but only because they aren't to my personal taste. But I wouldn't laugh if I saw someone wearing them! They're cute!:smile: