What do you think of these slingbacks?

  1. Too boring? I kind of like them, I've been looking for brown heels for forever [edit - JK they're black, the brown ones dont have my size :sad:] AND they have my size, which is really hard to come by.


    Would they look good with jeans? With a knee length dress? My brain is being dysfunctional at the moment, lol. I can't seem to picture anything. Can anyone provide pictures?
  2. Very sharp and classic! I like them!
  3. that's a staple style. everyone should have a default pair that can go with anything!
  4. classic...love them
  5. Fabulous!
  6. I agree, this is a classic style that you can wear with almost anything. I like slingbacks, I think they are very elegant.
  7. Thumbs up :nuts: A classic style, you can't go wrong!
  8. yep- A staple..I bought a pair of Blahniks that look like those..and whenever I cant find the right shoe...they ALWAYS work! Good choice!
  9. Gorgeous! You have the Danica seal of approval! :biggrin:
  10. Absolutely Stunning!!!
  11. lol Thanks Danica and all you other beautiful ladies. These babies should be here in about a week, I cant wait! I needed some shoes that would go with anything :P
  12. Classic, Love them.
  13. What size do you wear?..they're really cute basic shoes...how high are those heels?..Not to sound stalkerish..but I swear when I come back to N.C. I'm gonna look you up..'cause you are cute as can be!
  14. Haha! I would love for us to meet up, dont be silly! When will you be in NC?

    Lets see - I wear a size 5, but I can pull off 5.5 (thats what size these heels are), the heel is 3". Some of the feedback said they were a little bigger in the toe area than they expected but they're still wonderful shoes. Hope they work out for me!
  15. oh my gosh..you have tiny feet! My 12 year old wears a 7 1/2!!

    I probably won't be back in N.C. until '09..but who knows!!