What do you think of these shoes? Are chunky heels in? Ta!

  1. [​IMG]
  2. I definitely think they're "in" because they're EVERYWHERE
  3. yep chuncky heels are in again. i prefer the cone shaped heel or stilleto, but those are cute
  4. They are cute :heart:
  5. Yes they are in and are cute.
  6. I love those shoes, and yes, they're 'in'! :tup:
  7. Those are so cute! Are they Chloe?
  8. really cute, but too chunky for me. I am only 5'1 so I think they would look extra big on my feet.
  9. Chunky heels are in, but I'm not a big fan, they're a bit too chunky.
  10. I love chunky heels...lots of height and easier to walk in than other heels. Yay.
  11. Im a big fan of chunky heels...they make me comfortable when walking. :graucho:
  12. They're great! Chunky heels are definitely in for this fall.

    I'm looking for something similar (but closed-toe) myself.
  13. They're from schuh.co.uk, I think they ship internationally if you're interested! :smile:
    Thanks girls! :smile:
  14. cute cute cute!
  15. Yup, chunky is in! I just bought a pair of Michael Kors "chunky" heels. Not quite as chunky as those, but chunkier then what I have in my closet lol.
    Those are way cute BTW!