What do you think of these sandals?

  1. What do we think of these? I'm not buying anything for quite a while :shame: They're not on my list, but I just wanted to see what you all think of these sandals, since I don't think they have been mentioned before. Available in blue and grey. I really like the blue - they're a pair of great, simple sandals in a fun color. The leather strap over the toes looks soft, and they're probably pretty comfortable.


  2. The blue version is particularly beautiful, but I found them very uncomfortable. These look like a style that would make it to sales time so I'd wait until then to get them marked-down.
  3. Ack! Uncomfortable? That's sad to hear :sad: I was thinking the same thing about them eventually going on sale. I'm on a ban until then, anyway :angel:
  4. I tried this shoe and also found it very uncomfortable, I also feel the same way about this shoe in the wedge version. I think that the strap that goes across your toes is just too thin for my foot so I get that unattractive spill-over. Saks in NY has this shoe in lots of fun bright colors and in patent leather too!
    Cristina - I can see that you really like blue nowadays!
  5. :lol: I do! It's such a great color for spring. There are so many beautiful CLs in blue this season (ahem, blue new simple pumps :nuts:).

    I saw the wedge version a couple of weeks ago, and the SA said they were extremely uncomfortable. Even if they go on sale, it sounds like I'll pass on these.
  6. That's a shame that these are uncomfortable!
    I was looking at the wedge and really likeing the style!
  7. I just bought a style similar to this called the cipria and they are extremely comfortable... I wonder what the differences between this Pass and Cipria are because the style looks the same to me.
  8. I will see if I can find some to try on. If they are comfy it would be worth stallking them for the summer sales. lol.
  9. From the pic, they look like 100 mm 4"
  10. ^ They look lower to me..maybe 85mm? Sorry if I'm wrong. Just guessing. :p

    They aren't bad, but they just don't make me say WOW. They could be a little more interesting. :amuse:
  11. My thoughts exactly. Wait for sale.
  12. I love the blue! Too bad they are uncomfortable... do you think the straps will stretch after a while? I would think you would need your true US size for these?