what do you think of these sandals

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  1. I like bright things in the summer time. I would worry about the flowers being to wide and therefore uncomfortable. But they are soooooo cute and summery. I would probably find myself taking a chance.
  2. I got them in black and white at Macy's . I love them!:tup:
  3. aside from no real support, I don't think they look uncomfy.
    VERY whimsy and cute IMO!
  4. I have them in black and white, very comfy:heart:
  5. I think they are adorable for summer! And they look like they would be as comfortable as any other flat sandal.
  6. They are super cute! I'd get them! :smile:
  7. They are cute-
  8. Very cute - hope you get them.
  9. So cute, perfect for summer. I really want a pair.
  10. Very cute for the summer!
  11. ITA - cute!
  12. Love Them!!
  13. Those sandals are adorable!
  14. I have the keyfob that matches, it's so cute!

    I don't wear sandals, but if I did I think those are cute. Like everyone's said, great for summer. Why not give them a shot? Though have you checked at your local Coach boutique? When I bought the keyfob right before PCE (because it was the last one they had and I didn't think about waiting the extra two days) they had those sandals on sale. Then you could return them if you end up not liking them.