What do you think of these purses???

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  1. My coworker is originally from Columbia and her family went to visit a couple of years ago and found this amazingly talented man who makes hand stitched leather purses. They are incredible!!! At least I think so.

    Her father is visiting and he brought back six of the purses as gifts!!! :nuts:

    What do you think???

    All Six ...


    My favorite one I think...

    Or maybe this one...


    The inside:


    My coworker's two favorites...

    [​IMG] [​IMG]

    Aren't they incredible??? He HAND stitches these!!! And cuts the leather and does everything himself. Incredible. :P
  2. Those are beautifully made!!
  3. ya very nice!!! What a sweet gift!
  4. wow! nice and hand stiched?!
  5. Yes, HAND stitched. Can you believe it? I can't even imagine doing something like that.

    I keep telling her that he's not charging enough for them. The most expensive one of all these is only $125 and that is the two with clasps. The rest are less! And they have a lifetime warrantee. Of course, he's in Columbia! LOL

    Her dad cleaned him out and bought the only six bags he had at the time. :smile: And all six were spoken for within twenty four hours. lol
  6. These are really beautiful the work that has gone into making them is clearly visible and the leather looks very good quality :yes:
  7. Excellent craftsmanship! Beautiful leather!

    But they are in Colombia! If he charges more, no one is going to buy them! I have a friend from Colombia and they would cringe to buy a $125 bag because they wouldn't be able to afford it (I could be making a generalization, so correct me if I am wrong) - but I have to agree, if its here, he can definitely charge more than what he is charging there! Its not everyday they get fantastic tourists like yourself or your dad who would clean him out! ;)
  8. My friend / coworker really would LOVE to bring his bags into the US but she doesn't know how difficult it would be (customs, importing, etc.). Because the bags are amazing. She's carried the one she bought two years ago from him ever since then. :smile: I get to see it every day. It's yummy!

    And he's working to teach others his craft which I find super cool. I would love to go to Columbia someday.
  9. Honestly, Not my style.

    Anyway, your friend is very nice.
  10. Wow! What a talent!
  11. they are really nice. the craftsmanship is amazing. I love the one that is top row to the very right
  12. Beautiful. I like that craftsmanship and you won't see anyone else carrying the same purse.
  13. I think they are very beautiful. They have such a cute and authentic look to them and would look very nice as a summer purse with a flowy skirt! They are also more meaningful because they were handcrafted. Love them!
  14. I like the craftsmanship. But honestly just for collection only, probably won't carry it out.
  15. Wow, those are beautiful and so unique. Lovely!