what do you think of these pumps?

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  1. sjunky13

    I think they are a little overpriced, but I spent quite awhile wearing these the other day and they are some of the most comfortable shoes I've had on my feet in a long time.

    I would buy both pairs if I had a full time income (and a DD not in competition dance :roflmfao: ) but I always look at the price of the shoes and think for what 2 pairs of shoes cost, I could almost buy a Bag:nuts:

    If you can get plenty of use out of them and they are comfy for you, then go for it! Wear them and enjoy!
  2. thanks , I love those, they have the same heel! I need to wear them around the house and see if they are comfortable, if so then its well worth it!
  3. Yes, the heel is what makes the shoe :yes: At my age, I can no longer wear really high heels (stiletto's) but the chunkier heels that JC is adding to their collection (if you look at the underside, the way it is positioned and attached, it gives your foot much better support) makes it much easier to go to a higher heel :yahoo:
  4. ^^at your age??? LOL! I'm gonna start calling your granny if you don't stop that! :roflmfao::roflmfao:
    I really like those beige pumps! I always want to get shoes that look like that, but I have no where to wear them! Even when I was working I never wore pumps. I still want them and love them, tho!
  5. :roflmfao: Girl... when you get my age and have arthritc feets, THEN we can talk k? :love:
  6. Yeah, what she said! ;)
  7. LOl, you ladies are too funny, will use the on the ays whn I dony have to wok onmy feet al day, whch is rre, like for mettngs and trainings, when I will b sitting, on the days when I'm on my fet allday , I love shoes tha look like nursing shoes! LMAO
  8. Why dont you get the exact same ones with the 4'5 inch heal, that makes them better IMO.
  9. Where do you see those, and please excuse my postings, my computer has been messed up:shame:
  10. not worth it
  11. It seems like the price of shoes has really gone up in the last year! I can't believe I paid over $700 for a pair of sandals! Ohhhh, but they are Choos!!!:love:
  12. There on the JC site, just click on the 08' collection and there on page 9.:yes:
  13. I love 'em!
  14. Hot!