What do you think of these Michael Kors?

  1. Thoughts on these Michael Kors? I was thinking of pairing them with a flowy floral dress for contrast

  2. I like the color and style. My only problem is the heel. It is a bit too chunky for my taste. But again, that is just my preference. Other than that, they are really cute.
  3. ^ I agree with dknigh21
  4. The heel is indeed very chunky, I prefer sleek heels, but I think it looks great with the rest of the model of the shoe. I'm sure they'll look very cute with a flowy floral dress!
  5. Not for me, I ove MK, but his ast few shoe collections have just been BLAH.
  6. i love the shoe. i especially love the chunky heel. I think chunky heels are really cute, and the contrast with a flowy dress will be nice.
  7. I totally agree here too, on every point...
  8. I love the twist in the front! The heel's a little chunky, but that might preferable if you do a bit of walking for work. I'll go with sleeker or more substantial heels depending on my mood and what I'll be doing that day so I think these are cute!
  9. My thoughts exactly.