What do you think of these Louboutins? (on sale now at NM)

  1. What do you think of these stylewise?

    I think it's a good deal pricewise for CL but I'm not sure about the style?

    And what about these wedges...

    Do you like these????
    And do you think they would be uncomfortable or hard to walk in?
  2. The first ones are a good price but I am not 100% sure about the style. I have a funny feeling though they would look fab on! If you like them you should get them!:smile:

    I am not a fan of the second ones - sorry
  3. I like the first ones, I'm sure Victoria Beckham has these and they looked good.

    I really don't like the CL espadrilles :nogood:
  4. oooh I love the Mesh ones, and that price is great.

    I love the espidrilles too though, I have the gingham ones and they are really comfortable.

    Tough decision, maybe order both and see if you love them ;)
  5. I am also thinking about buying the first ones. Great price & ive had my eye on them for a while. Wonder how the sizing is
  6. Love the first ones! They'd definitely be hot on.. not a huge fan of the second ones.
  7. I like the first pair, but not the espadrilles. I bet the espadirlles are comfier than the mesh ones though.
  8. I prefer the first pair :heart: -- I have them in white, and bought them after I tried them on. They are the kind of shoe that looks ok in pictures, but GORGEOUS when you put them on.

    Also, two months after I bought mine I was surprised that Guess and Nine West were already knocking off this style for a fraction of the cost. Except for the red sole, their shoes are an exact copy. A bit disappointing that it happened as quickly as it did.
  9. i dont like the way the first ones look but as some ppl said it looks better irl...but the second one...noo way
  10. How did you search for these on NM.com? I couldn't find them in sale or the regular section.
  11. I like the first ones but I'd like them better if the heel was black.
  12. I sorta like the espadrilles. Like everyone is saying about the fishnet shoes, I think they would look better on and with a cute outfit!
  13. i really like the espadrilles ... so cute!!