What do you think of these L.A.M.B. boots?

  1. I met a friend from San Francisco for dinner last night, and she was wearing these (along with a Rebecca Taylor top and 7FAM jeans skirt). I wasn't too sure about the boots, but now I am liking them more and more. My friend looked adorable, but I am not sure I could carry the look off. What do you think of these?


    They also come in a mule.

  2. They are not my taste personally. Yup.
  3. I don't love them, but if I were choosing between those two, I'd go with the boot rather than the mule.
  4. I'm not loving either of them...
  5. Not for me...
  6. I have to admit that the pictures do not do these boots justice, but if you all could have seen how cute my friend Carson looked in these you may have a different opinion. Maybe! She was so adorable - she looked like a movie star...with enough confidence to carry it off perfectly. I'm not sure I have the gusto, but I sure want to try.:rolleyes:
  7. I've seen a few pairs of these boots at Nordies. Definitely NOT for me.
  8. I like the mule better. The boots look too utilitarian like Alaskan fishing boots or something.
  9. I wish you had a pic of your friend in the outfit. I'm trying to picture how someone could pull of those boots :confused1:
  10. I like them! I will totally rock those boots. Where can I get a pair?
  11. Not my speed
  12. not my style...
  13. totally a ripoff of Vivienne Westwood... doesnt gwen have an ounce of respect? you dont blatently steal like that!
  14. Copies? Really? I went surfing for Vivienne Westwood boots on the web to find Gwen's inspiration. All I found were Vivienne Westwood pirate boots, which are strappy but hardly similar. IMO, the LAMBS are much cuter than any of the Westwoods I was able to find, but I may not have found the pair of boots to which you are refering. That's entirely possible.
  15. i prefer the mule to the boot, but each to their own. i wouldn't be able to pull them off and they aren't to my taste really. I love L.A.M.B, but generally only in the sweaters and coats etc...