What do you think of these? Gladiator sandals

  1. What do you think of these? Do you like Gladiators?
    dolce2006212867_prod_zoom_front.jpg PG.NWHEECH.LBROWLE.PE.jpg PG.NWJOBILYN.MEDOMRP.PE.jpg prodImage.ms.jpg
  2. I love the first pair and the last!!
  3. Don't like any of them TBH. I like gladiator sandals but prefer flat ones in natural leathers
  4. Although they are all the rage this spring/summer, I don't like them as a general rule.
  5. The third one is cute :smile:
  6. not my cup of tea
  7. I like all of them but the 3rd pair. I loooove this style of shoe. You def. need a pair :smile:
  8. I think gladiator sandals look good only on really tall ladies. Petite ones like me will look shorter with these as they really cut off the legs with those thick multiple straps.
  9. not a fan
  10. I'm going to be getting a pair of the Nine West flats for myself; if I was a girl I would SO jump on the wedges! They completely ripped off Balenciaga's design but I love it so I'm not compaining! :graucho:
  11. I'm personally not a fan.
  12. I like the first and last pair. I love gladiator flats for summer outfits.
  13. Thanks ladies!
    Ya, I am looking for a good pair of gladiators for my summer outfits.
  14. I do like gladiator sandals, but I don't love any of these. It's so hard finding a good pair :push:
  15. I like the second pair!