What Do You Think Of These Gifts ?

  1. My LV SA/manager has these three items on hold till I can pick them up tomorrow.These will be a gift for my god-daughter's high school graduation,she's 17 do you think she will like my choices? Kelly has always loved the color orange and these will be her first LV items.I also wanted to get her something age appropriate and special :biggrin: .
    This is what Kelly is getting from her god-mother/me.
  2. Great choices!!! She's a lucky girl!!
  3. Wow!! You are an awesome godmother!! I'm sure she will love them all!! They are great!
  4. Cat you are a wonderful god-mother! If i was 17 i would be totally pleased and OVER THE MOON with my grad gifts...

    you've got great taste!!! Kelly is very lucky to have you in her life!!!
  5. Wow, those are great gifts! She's a lucky girl.
  6. What a beautiful combination, I would be absolutely thrilled if I was her.
  7. Great combo, she will be so happy to receive that. You are wonderful God- Mother. She's very lucky girl
  8. Wow! What fabulous gifts! Your goddaugher is going to flip out!
  9. OMG! thats what I call lucky! If my mother would gave me gifts like that... she even likes me using LV she thinks I will get robbed when i´m wearing that. the most expensive item she let me carry 2 school is my kipling bag!! anyway I carry my Lv wallet and nobody takes care about.

    I´sure she will enjoy them till death!!!!!!
  10. She is very fortunate to have you as a god mother. You're so thoughtful! Very nice gifts.
  11. I think she will love them! So many girls get jewlery (I did lol) and a lot of the time, its not something that they can wear/want to wear at that exact moment. This is something that she will love now and later! :smile:
  12. that's so sweet of you!

    definately the scarf !

    but i was thinking instead of the perfo speedy maybe go for the classic speedy? as i don't think the look for the perfo speedy would last.

    and maybe instead of the shoes get her a wallet instead? since she likes orange perhaps a mandarin epi wallet? or a perfo orange wallet or cles?
  13. I just LOVE the whole package! I think at her age she will adore the perfo line. The bag is great (I love mine) Im not 17 BUT..and the shoes are so cute...love the scarf as well. Very nice.
  14. She is very lucky. :heart:
  15. Wow. You are an awesome grandma. If I had a daughter, she has to be valedictorian to get all of that.