What Do You Think Of These " Freak Show" Themed Pics For Vogue, With Cameron Diaz ?

  1. [​IMG]

  2. I think she looks nice in these pics...I like her blonde rather than with dark hair. This photoshoot reminds me of last seasons ANTM where they had to do a freakshow-esque theme.
  3. I hate anything that has any remote resemblance to clowns.
  4. She looks nice in a weird sort of way.
  5. Actually, I don't think she looks very good at all. The only one I kind of like is the last one with the sword in her mouth... and that is just weird!
  6. She's gorgeous!!!! I love that last one!
  7. MEGS!! You took the words right out of my fingers!
  8. she looks okay.....
  9. :nuts: Wow !

    Its one of those serious of photo's that you either love em or hate em.
  10. I like the first one and the sword one.
  11. I think i like her silver shoes.:shame:

  12. Yeah its weird but..... :shrugs:
  13. She looks ok, but I've seen much better photoshoots of her.
  14. I think it's funny she's pictured with clowns as I've always thought her large mouth was rather clown-like. :whistle:
  15. To me she looks like man. Unfortunately I can't get past that.