what do you think of these flats?

  1. Very cute!
  2. I like the color but the front seems high. I personally like it a little lower. I think it give the foot a sleeker look, IMO. Have you every tried checking out french sole.com? Maybe even try bluefly.
  3. Hey RT, I am a huge Anthropologie fan. It's been my absolute favorite store for the past year (along with the Free People and Boston Proper catalog). I love the sexy, bohemian look these stores have in common.

    As for those adorable flats you found, I think they are great. As you know, they are from French Sole. I suggest taking a look at all of the adorable ballet flats that French Sole and London Sole have on their websites.

    I prefer the lower-cut of the London Sole pirouette style (below), but every body has different taste. You have plenty of choices with London Sole.

    Pirouette Style (low vamp)

    Simple Style - Higher Vamp