What do you think of these Coccinelle bags?

  1. I like the first one best!
  2. ^^I agree I love the style and color of the first one best
  3. First is best, golden-red-brown color is very much in fashion now.

    Second best is the second item. Third... I wouldn't buy the third at all.
  4. First one is my fave, third one would be second choice. I love the handles on the first one!
  5. I like the third one. The second one is interesting but I don't know how it would work for an everyday bag with that shape. The first one is nice but it doesn't grab me the way I would like a present to myself to grab me. Good luck! All are nice.
  6. Wow, they're really different....I think the second one is the most interesting, for some reason it reminds me of an owl's face! (No I haven't been taking any "supplements")
  7. i think i'll go for the first one. the material just looks so lux! thanks girls x
  8. has anyone purchased coccinelle from yoox.com

    Does anyone know if coccinelle use fiocchi studs? I received my bag today and now am concerned it may be fake.
  9. I can't see the first photo, but generally speaking I can confirm that Coccinelle is famous in Italy and I personally like some of their bags (the larger size of the one in photo 2 is one of my favourite).
  10. dierregi, do you have any coccinelle bags personally and if so, can you checck whether they have any fiocchi stamped studs?
  11. I've been to the boutique 3 times this winter and everything was bleh. except a nice clutch.They used to be prettier.
  12. I really like Coccinelle - it's new for me and lesser known in the US which I like! I actually stumbled upon a small collection in a shoe store. They have pretty colors, but I like the neutrals best.