What do you think of these clutches?

  1. I love Mike & Chris clothing and I've read a ton about their bags so I'm thinking of getting one. I found both of these clutches (that have shoulder straps if you want them) and I love them both but obviously will only get one. Thoughts?



    Both colors will work with my wardrobe. Does anyone else have a Mike & Chris bag? Do you love it?

  2. The leather looks wonderful! Very understated and classy looking pieces. I like them both, especially the bone.
  3. Both are great. Love the structure.
  4. I hate clutches. I don't care who makes them.
  5. They're both gorgeous! Love the cream one especially.
  6. i like the first one a lot.
  7. I love your photos of the dog fanny packs!
  8. I'm thinking of going with the cream colored one. And, I love your pug! I have a black pug.