What do you think of these CL styles?

  1. I found several of these at a local store on sale 1/2 off. Small sizes.
    Black patent white zipper CL.jpg CL Cynthia Leopard patent wedge 36.5.jpg CL Decolette pump red patent 36.5.jpg CL Decollete black wood platform 38.5.jpg CL La Falaise black with glitter sandal 40.jpg
  2. I do not have any of those in my collection. I know the decolzeps are too painful for me. If I had to choose I would take the caracolos and the cynthia.
  3. More styles.....
    CL No Prive peep sling Leopard patent 36.5.jpg CL Peanut wedge turtle patent 36.5.jpg CL wedge silver 1.5 inch 36.5.jpg Red patent Lapano CL.jpg Tiger patent Pretty Woman CL.jpg
  4. I like the second batch of shoes better. I love the tiger no. prive and tortoise peanut wedge. I have the silver miminette. I would say if you're looking for comfort the no. prive and peanut would be the top two. These three would also be the most versatile in the wardrobe as they are all pretty neutral.
  5. You would really get some use out of the Cynthia's. I have two pair of Peanuts, black patent and Leopard that have a little higher heel and love them. I love the red but I hear they are not too comfy.
  6. I agree! Where did you find the tortoise wedge. I would kill for those!

  7. Me too!! lol...I could run a mile in my peanuts if i could run a mile:upsidedown:
  8. They are size 36.5 (Peanut turtle wedge, No Prive Leopard peep sling, silver wedge, decolette). Too small for me, but I thought I would see if any CL fans are size 36.5.
  9. I actually do not have a pair of the tortoise peanut. I wish I did though!
  10. :roflmfao::roflmfao::roflmfao: Good one!!
  11. I love the tortoise peanut too!!!
  12. Lynn: Is there any size 38 left?
  13. They had a 38.5 Decolette round toe black pump with the wooden heel, 38.5 Black suede mesh striped boot,and 39 black patent with the white zipper.
    CL Decollete black wood platform 38.5.jpg CL mesh boot 38.5.jpg Black patent white zipper CL.jpg
  14. Thanks.
  15. I'd take the Decollette with the wooden heel in 38.5! What's the final price for that? How would I pay, etc.?