what do you think of these Choo's?

  1. I like those, they're casually sexy!!
  2. never bought high end shoes, i have 2 questions

    1. do they run true to size?
    2 i wear a size 6, what size would i buy? (...36,37,38...ect)
  3. I haven't bought Choo's so I don't know how they run.
    I wear an 8 which is usually a 38, so I'm guessing a 6 is 36{?}
  4. thanks
  5. I have never bought Choo's before but I have bought other high end designer shoes, and I find that I need to size up.
  6. I think that too . . go to NAP and look through the Choo's heels, most say they run small.
  7. I have a pair a Choos and the run small. The shoes in the link are nice. There is also a note mentioning that the shoes run small and you should order one size up.
  8. I go up half a size in my JC's ALWAYS....Normally Im an 8 1/2..so I wear a 39 in them...
  9. I nornally go up a size in 'regular' Choos (not Jimmy Choo Couture) but in something ths open, I find I really don't need to. Same in all brands. I only go up a size if they are closed in so to speak.
  10. They are so lush - let us know if you indulge!
  11. I am going to get them as long has they still have my size next friday! Have to wait till payday!:sad:
  12. imo, jimmy choos shoes have not been the same since jimmy choo sold his stake in the company and stopped designing the shoes. the ones on NAP are a not bad deal for the price, but regular shoes are so not worth it...unless you're buying house styles.
  13. those are nice shoes:smile: . I don't indulge in designer shoes, don't have the funds for them.