What Do You Think Of These Celebrity Lookalikes ?

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  5. British photographer Alison Jackson (site has automatic video) specializes in shooting celebrity lookalikes in revealing photos. Her work is convincingly real, but the situations give it away. You may have already seen the photos of an Angelina lookalike breastfeeding. Her other work includes scenes like Hillary Clinton observing Bill’s affair with Monica, Camilla Parker Bowles and Princess Diana in a tense scene with Prince Charles looking on, and David Beckham coaching Prince William on how to dress.
    Jackson says that her lookalike celebrities help us to question what is real, and to understand what we value about their fame and image:
    This is what I aim to do: Create likenesses of icons, where in image – on paper – the simulation of icons, ‘threatens the difference between ‘true’ an ‘false’, between ‘real’ and ‘imaginary’. The ‘real’ subject becomes ‘not necessary’. The image or icon is ore important and more seductive. It doesn’t matter if it isn’t the ‘real’ icon – as long as it looks like him or her – but it creates a temporary confusion. This is the confusion I search to create in my work, to explore this gap.

    Alison Jackson’s book Private is currently available. She has a new book out in May, and was featured on the television show 20/20 on January 5, 2007.
  6. Oh, kind of scary, but neat! I think that Angelina is MUCH thinner IRL though. But thanks for posting these!!
  7. Shocking, I saw that on 20/20 this week as well.
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  9. SHe was on TV here the otherday :smile:
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  11. very neat!thanks for sharing
  12. Is is just me or does "Shiloh" have boy parts? :wlae:
  13. HEY yeah ur right! :nuts: You'd think they could've gotten a girl baby for the shoot.

    You can also see the clip from 20/20 here:
    ABC News
  14. Wow, I would have totally been fooled!
  15. Pretty crazy!