What do you think of these bracelets?

  1. Okay now that I am pretty much over most of the Spring/Summer stuff (well, except for Denim) I was looking through the Fall stuff. It's always what's next for me! LOL Anyway, I think these bracelets are fabulous! I love a good bangle! I would probably only wear one but they are hot! I love the one on the bottom that appears to have Louis Vuitton written on it.

  2. wow, that's a lot. :wtf:
  3. Not really feeling any of them... well except the middle one, if it were much smaller. :yes:

    Damn, I wish that bag would have been produced!!! :crybaby: :cursing:
  4. Yowza. Looks like something from a car engine lol. They're huge!!
  5. I like the top and middle ones; the bottom one is a bit large. Maybe by itself it'd look OK but all three together is a little overwhelming, IMO.
  6. Yea.. that bag is HOT
  7. LOL Okay I am the only one but I still love'em. I think I will have to get one when they come out!
  8. They're nice but would look to overwhelming/overpowering on my tiny wrists.
  9. Not a big fan of them, they look so chunky and big.
  10. I love the bottom one!! I'm going to add that to my neverending "must get" list:drool:
  11. Perhaps I can talk you out of getting them when they come out? :idea:

    :roflmfao: Just kidding Crys. :p
  12. LOL, I'll join ya! I like the bottom one but I don't think I can pull it off. But I do like the top chunkier one!
  13. ummm... sorry, no lol..... (those can be necklaces for me.....)
  14. The middle one maybe, but too big for me.
  15. I love them all, I would rock them if I could. I think they would fall off my wrists though.