What do you think of these boots?

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Should I get these boots?

  1. Yes, get them.

  2. No, too high or don't like them.

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  1. Ok this isn't a Botkier question but I thought you girls would give me the best feedback since we all like the Botkier style. (Mods, if this doesn't belong here please delete).

    I'm looking for a boot with a stacked heel and this one looks ok since it has a thicker heel so it should be more comfortable than a thin stiletto heel. I'm just a little iffy on the height since I usually wear flats and change into heels in the office. I think this is a 3 inch heel. What do you gals think? Do you think I'll be able to walk in them? I'd love to wear them with jeans tucked in.

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  2. They're ok imo, u want ok or u want fabulous?
  3. I want fabulous but can only afford ok. I don't want to spend more than $250. Do you have any recommendations?
  4. I actually REALLY like them. The only thing is - are you in the US? If you are, the seasons are turning and you definitely won't be needing them much longer and then by the time you will need them again, the styles will be way different.
  5. tonij2000, those are really HOT but out of my price range. Good thing they don't have my size either :P
  6. I am in the US. Do you think this is a trendy style that I can't use upcoming fall? I was hoping the slightly rounder toe wouldn't be as trendy as pointy.
  7. I can't predict the styles or anything but I definitely think you would get some use out of those no matter what.

    The SUPER pointy toe went out a few years ago and you still see some girls wearing them and it's not too bad. Just wear what you're comfortable wearing and you'll look hot either way =)
  8. I think it is iffy on this style if you want to tuck in your jeans. They look like a nice classic boot, tho and they will always be in style. I guess it depends on if you live in a big city? Or in a more rural or small town area. I think styles take a lot longer to come in and go out in the latter...
  9. I think they are really cute. Have you seen them IRL? Do you like the way that they look with your other accessories...that's how I go about deciding which shoes to buy:okay: