what do you think of these balenciaga boots?

  1. i am currently hunting for a pair of leather boots to go with the skinny jeans :yes: . i absolutely adore this pair of boots :heart: .. but i'm not quite sure if i'm ready to spend several hundreds on a pair of shoes :sweatdrop: . what do you guys think? do you think this pair will survive the test of time? or is the style one season only?:shrugs: thanks in advance :flowers:
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  2. Its not my cup of tea. They don't look too comfortable to walk in.
  3. The style is cute, but IMO they look like the fit would be too baggy, especially around the ankles. I think I prefer a more fitted boot.:shame:
  4. I think they are really cute...a classic? perhaps not.
  5. I think they're great! But if you're going to spend a ton on boots, I'd first invest in a more classic style with a heel, not a wedge. Heeled boots will stand the test of time much longer and will work with skinny jeans and so much more! JMO.
  6. they're a beautiful pair of boots, but maybe not a classic:biggrin:
  7. They're trendy ... but you'll stand out when you wear them!

    I see people wear off-season Balenciaga all the time. They look like fashion connoisseurs, not victims.
  8. Those ones came out last year, I think. I think they are awesome and would wear them regardless of when they came out.
    Boots are going to get more and more different - the trend of boots is not going away anytime soon
  9. I think they are too plain, but too trendy at the same time for the amount of money that you're going to spend for them.
  10. these are pretty cute for wedge boots, but i don't think they are investment pieces.
  11. I usually love Balenciaga shoes but those look boring. I don't think they'd go with skinny jeans cause they are loose around the ankles.
  12. these are adorable. I have them. but they are from last season. However they do stand the test of time....i wore them 2 nights ago.