What do you think of these bags???

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  1. It's okay, you can be honest! I bought all four but I'm not sure if they all will be in stock. Do you like them? Is there any you don't like? [​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG]
  2. I also bought this bag, before I bought the other four, but this one was full price! I am thinking of returning it though....we'll see once I actually get all the bags in my hands![​IMG]
  3. You've been shopping! I love the black one:yes:
  4. Yes, I have! :graucho: They seemed like such great prices, I couldn't pass up.:P The black one is one of my favorites, but I'm not sure if I will be able to get that one. I was able to check out, but the operator for online chat told me it was already sold out, even though I paid! :rant: We'll see what happens.

    Thanks for your opinion!
  5. I love the black one! It's a great bag :smile: Hope you get it!
  6. Yes, me too! I have a feeling I won't bc that's the one I really like, and the Gucci one. I'm not sure about the 1st one though, but thought it might look cute to dress up jeans and a white tee. I hate buying over the Internet bc you never know, but I can always rerturn them if I don't like any of them!!! These purses go fast, you have to be there just at the right moment of forget it. :nuts:
  7. I love the black one, too!! I hope you get it!
  8. I like the black and the Gucci... crossing my fingers that you get the black bag!
  9. Thanks! Me too!!

    Which Gucci one do you like? There's the sale brown/white one in the 1st post and the regular price white one with the bambo handles. I was actually very excited about the sale Gucci. I like that one for some reason!! I hate the fact that Gucci goes on sale bc it make me not want to ever buy full priced items. But, it's great when you can get items you love from Gucci on sale!! The Gucci sale bags I really wanted were sold out. :crybaby:
  10. The gucci ones are closest to my style.
    Congrats on all your purchases!
    Be sure to post pics when they arrive. It is so hard to tell when the bags are all by themselves in the pic.
  11. i like the first row in right and second row in left :P
  12. LOVE the white Gucci!!!!!!!!!!

    The other Gucci and the black bag are cute...
  13. I like the black one the best, hope you get it!
  14. I love your regular priced white Gucci!! Yeah sorry to say but I think that one just really stands out! Great job in picking it! Shows you really liked it instead of succumbing to the temptations of a sale!

    Out of the 4 sale bags, I like the black one as well, but I assume altho it's on sale, it's still a chunk of change... so I think I'd rather return all 4 of the sale bags and keep the white Gucci! or... use it to buy another bag that you really love!

    (sorry if I'm being too honest for your taste here...)
  15. I agree with the other posters - my favorite of your sale bags is the black one.

    Have you found out whether they are in stock yet?