What do you think of these bags?

  1. They are by Nahui Ollin ..
    they are all handmade ..
    the second one is a speedy style bag ...
    TE.jpg S96-tutti%20280X280.jpg
  2. Interesting, what are they made from?
  3. This is from the (about us) page of her website:

    A frequenter of the cultural festivals near her local hometown in Mexico, it was here that designer Olga Abadi discovered the ancient Mayan technique of binding everyday materials into handbags. The result is Nahui Ollin, a specialty line of handbags inspired by age-old techniques with a modern look and feel.

    Not only did the process sustain the environmentally-friendly practice of recycling, it also yielded a fresh and innovative product. Abadi’s take on the crafting technique involves turning hundreds of candy wrappers and soda labels into fully functional, not to mention fun and stylish handbag. All materials are collected from small, independent factories near where the Abadi family lives in Mexico from the candy wrappers to the leather handles. While the bags are indeed made from candy wrappers, they stand the test of time and weather for a tear-free durability.

    Owned and operated in whole by the Abadi family, the bags are entirely hand-made by folding and weaving individual candy wrappers together to create the various shapes and sizes in the Nahui Ollin collection.
  4. I've seen those IRL, and they're really cute... not really my style, though.
  5. I have seen those bags made from candy wrappers IRL. They're cute. It's a rather ingenius way of recycling.
  6. I think these are great, not to mention environmentally friendly & I just bet they help support some people who may not have other means of making a living.
    I would definitely buy one because I like them & for the "feel-good" factor.:tup:
  7. They are unique looking in a good way.
  8. I know this is an old thread.. but I just got one of these today.. and I am sooo in love with it. its the perfect size and has leather handles.
  9. ^^

    Can you post some pics?? It looks like a cute, bag.
  10. yes.. ofcourse. its a great size.. and fits under my arm really nicely. i bought the cell phone holder too.

    i bought the black and white barcode with the red leather handles.
  11. ok.. it took me long enough.. but here is my photos of the bag I bought. I got the Bar Code pattern.

  12. ooh and i got the matching cell phone case.

  13. wow!! I've never seen/heard of these bags before, but how interesting!! I recently went on a cruise down the Mexican Riveria and ended up buying soo much stuff I didnt need or want just bcos I knew that my small contribution might put dinner on the table for them that night.. I wish I'd seen these though! I def would have bought one :smile: Very interesting
  14. yeah.. its very room and fits perfectly under my arm. Its my new favorite bag.
  15. I've seen her work in a gallery at Downtown Disney about a year ago. I couldn't stop admiring her bags because they are really different. When I was a kid, I remember doing something like that with gum wrappers, but we just made a long chain.