What do you think of these animal print CL boots?

  1. What are your thoughts on these CL boots??? Would you buy them if they were on sale? Do you already own them? If so, how are they sized? THANKS!

    Tiger patent Pretty Woman Boot & Leopard pony hair Alta Ariella Talon Boot
  2. Well, first I think they are super hot.... BUT I wouldn't buy them, just because they aren't really my style and I find them a little too busy, for ME. But if you can rock them and they're at a great price, then why not go for it! (:whistle:yes I am enabling you!)
  3. :tdown: On the patent print. If the alta ariela was a booty it would better. Both are overkill and verge on the point of being tacky. You would really have to be FIERCE to pull it off. This is not a shoe for a conservative shrinking violet. I can see someone with a larger than life persona being able to pull it off. Lynn, based on the pics I have seen of you, you're too classy for them.
  4. I like the shape of the pretty woman boot and actually of the two prints I like that one better because it is a little more subtle (though it is patent). Neither is my style, I am too short to pull off that much print. I am just not feeling them, but if you try them on, they work for you and the price is right then go for it. Sometimes you just have to put on some tall boots and dominate (in a ladylike way :angel:)
  5. Sorry it's a big nay for me to both. I think that's just animal print over, over-load.....almost to the point of tackiness (sorry to be so blunt). Both went down to $199 at Nordies (and are probably still available in some sizes) and I still passed. I just can't envision myself ever wearing either one.
  6. Overkill for me! Sorry for being so blunt..but I just can't work the animal print. :amuse: If you can pull it off then good for you!
  7. I am not high on the animal print either... Even if they were on sale they would end up sitting in my closet.
  8. ITA :yes: If you tihnk you can rock them, go for it. Especially if they're on sale.
  9. While I love a good tastefull animal print, I think these are too much. I agree with Lav, you are too classy in taste. I am sure with all the great CL's out there you can find something you love more. Don't mean to offend.
  10. I was thinking the same thing as you girls. I like the style of the pointy toe tiger patent, because it is more feminine. I never hear you girls talking about boots, so I thought that I would ask for opinions.

    If anyone is shopping for either style PM me and I will tell you where to call to get them. Thanks.
  11. I just love having all these opinions. It's not like we are talking about $100 or less shoes. I know you can return, but sometimes we realize we made a boo boo after it's too late. It's good to have a little devil's advocate sometimes, ya know?
  12. big no no for me. leopard print should come in smaller dosages or rather surface area .. pumps or sandals are fab but not boots.
  13. Way too much for my taste, especially the patent.
  14. I totally understand the ladies views here, BUT, if you are a very outgoing person, AND you plan to pair them with a very simple outfit, IN ADDITION TO THE FACT THAT, your budget can afford a pair of shoes that you can't wear that often (I mean, you do not want to be known as the leopard boots lady), I would say get them. Throw on some DVF or Balenciaga pencil-leg pants and a simple top, and you can make a real statement once or twice in your city. People, why are we so afraid of risks? Isn't Louboutin all about "stepping out" and being seen!